Revolutionising Pet Comfort: Discover the Outstanding Features of the Curli Clasp Air-Mesh Dog Harness

3rd Jun 2023

Revolutionising Pet Comfort: Discover the Outstanding Features of the Curli Clasp Air-Mesh Dog Harness

The Perfect Blend of Style and Function

The Vest Harness Curli Clasp Air-Mesh line is an absolute game-changer in the world of dog harnesses. Not only does it offer a style statement with an extensive palette of colors, from the classic black to the vibrant sun orange, but it also has sizes ranging from XXXS to XL. This wide range ensures a perfect fit for every dog breed and size, making it a versatile accessory for your furry friend.

Cooling Comfort on Hot Days

The harness is designed with your dog's comfort in mind. Made from a special air-mesh material, it offers high air permeability. This is the secret behind its effective cooling function on hot summer days. All you need to do is immerse the harness in cold water, and your dog gets a long-lasting cooling effect once they wear it.

Adjustable and Safe

The adjustable size with Velcro fastener ensures a snug and comfortable fit for your pet. In addition, the harness offers enhanced safety features. It has two reflective stripes on the neck for extra visibility in the dark. The crossed nylon straps, worked directly into the seams, offer optimal tension distribution over your dog's body when they pull on the leash, protecting their neck from injuries.

Innovative DogFinder™ ID

One of the standout features of this harness is the DogFinder™ ID. This innovative addition provides an extra layer of security for your dog. It's a unique serial number that you can register on a secure database. If your dog ever goes missing, anyone who finds your dog can report the DogFinder™ ID and help reunite you with your pet.

Easy Attachment with the Curli Clasp

The curli clasp, a one-hand-operation closure, is another great feature that makes this harness stand out. Made from high-strength POM material that can withstand tensile loads of over 100kg (220 lbs), it eliminates the clicking sound of metal D-rings. This clasp is easy to use, reducing noise and weight, and making the leash and harness attachment a breeze.

Improved Cut for Better Fit

The harness also boasts of a new and improved cut, with enlarged leg openings for maximum freedom of movement without chafing. It is ultralight, with a weight 20% lower than its already light predecessor. This makes it an ideal choice for dog owners who value both comfort and style in their pet's accessories.

Building on Success

The Curli Air Mesh harness, the predecessor of this new line, has been a favorite among dog owners for years. Recognizing its popularity, the team at Curli sought to build upon its success and make it even better. The result is the Curli Clasp harness, retaining all the beloved features of the original and adding innovative improvements.


All in All, the Vest Harness Curli Clasp Air-Mesh line is more than just a dog harness—it's a revolutionary product designed with your dog's comfort, safety, and your convenience in mind. With its high-quality materials, innovative features, and the added security of the DogFinder™ ID, it's the ultimate solution for every dog owner. Try it today, and give your four-legged friend the comfort and safety they deserve.