Dogs - the most popular pets in the UK

Dogs - the most popular pets in the UK

Dogs are still the nations favourite pet, and their numbers continue to rise.

A survey, carried out by the Pet Food Manufacturing Association, shows that there are now 9 million dogs in the UK.  A rise of 300,000 on the previous year.

With 26% of all households now owning at least one Dog, the single biggest rise in ownership has been in households with children.

To PFMA Chief Executive this is no surprise as he has recently acquired a new Dog as an addition to his own family.

As he describes, “Tessa, a Schnoodle, is very much part of our family and I am delighted that 11% more families in the UK are benefiting from Dog ownership”.

The Dogs traditional nemesis, the Cat, is still the second most popular pet and the top 5 pets, according to the PFMA are:

  • Dogs 9 million
  • Cats 8 million
  • Rabbits 900,000
  • Indoor Birds 500,000
  • Domestic Fowl 500,000

Whilst there was an overall rise in pet ownership, the key driver was households with children. This category saw an extra 230,000 households choose a Dog, as for new family addition.

Which Just shows that the UK’s love of Dogs not only continues but is enjoyed by all generations.

Dogs really are our Best Friends.


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