MuttMOP Dog Towel
MuttMOP Dog Towel
MuttMOP Dog Towel

MuttMOP Dog Towel

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MuttMOP Dog Towel

The George Barclay, MuttMOP® Dog Towel, removes dirt and water easily from your dog’s coat. It’s the ideal accessory for drying your dog after a woodland walk, forest trail or coastal stroll.

Produced using a luxurious, dual weft microfibre, the MuttMOP® towel effortlessly removes dirt, locking it away within the material’s fibres. The towel’s microfibre technology means it will absorb more water and dry faster than a conventional towel.

Available in two sizes:

Large 100cm x 75cm

Medium 75cm x 55cm


  • Microfibre cleaning & drying technology
  • Luxurious, dual weft microfibre
  • Super absorbent
  • Machine washable


Microfibre cleaning & drying technology
Super absorbent
Machine washable

User Guide

To use, gently rub your dog’s coat with the MuttMOP® towel to remove dirt and water. In particular, dirt can accumulate on your dog’s paws and legs, ensure these areas are cleaned thoroughly to remove all excess dirt. After use, machine wash at 30 degrees with a mild detergent. Do not use bleach, air dry.

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