Aran Knit Dog Bed
Aran Knit Dog Bed
Aran Knit Dog Bed
Aran Knit Dog Bed
Aran Knit Dog Bed
Aran Knit Dog Bed

Aran Knit Dog Bed

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The George Barclay Aran Knit Deluxe Pet Bed has an inviting, homely appeal, the ideal place for your little companion to snuggle. The beds signature ‘Aran knit’ styling, surrounds the beds opulent faux fur interior, which must be touched to be believed!

A ‘George Barclay’ faux leather centre patch, with antique effect English flag emblem, completes the beds styling.

Intended for smaller breeds, the bed is tightly filled with premium hollow fibre cushioning. This achieves the optimum level of support and comfort.



  • Aran knit styling
  • Opulent, faux fur interior
  • Premium hollow fibre cushioning
  • Non-slip base
  • Machine washable
  • Size: 55 x 45 x 18cm (22 x 18 x 7in.)


We recommend checking the ‘sleep area’ measurements of your chosen dog bed, to make sure your dog will be comfy in their new bed. If you’re purchasing a sofa bed or box bed, it’s worth noting that your dog will also be inclined to use the side bolsters to rest upon, as well as the active sleep area.

You’ll also notice we’ve included the maximum external dimensions of each bed. These measurements may be useful if you have a specific location in mind for your dog’s new bed.

Max. Size (WxDxH) 60 x 48 x 19cm
Sleep Area (WxD) 36 x 30cm
Soft Walled Box Bed Measurements


Hollow Fibre Cushioning

Hollow Fibre Cushioning

Hollow Fibre is a synthetic, man-made material, consisting of hollow strands that allow air to pass through, trapping it within the strand. The trapped air produces loft within the fibre, giving the fill its cushioning and insulation characteristics. Our beds are generously filled, to create a plump cushion with a soft to medium feel, more suited to smaller breeds.


Machine Washable Cover


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