Mod Fishtail Parka - Dog Coat
Mod Fishtail Parka - Dog Coat - Modelled by Dog
Mod Fishtail Parka - Dog Coat
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Mod Fishtail Parka - Dog Coat

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Mod Fishtail Parka

Mod fashion began in London in the early 1960's and spread throughout the country and then worldwide. It has never really gone away and is enjoying a revival today as a subculture.

No self respecting mod would be seen without his or her signature parka so as a tribute to those fashion trail blazers we are proud to present our very own Mod Parka.

Not only is it perfect for the dog that likes a bit of rough and tumble but it is also a quality piece of clothing that is multi layered and will keep the heat in and the cold out come what may.

This classic coat is fleece lined and finished with a generous faux fur trimmed hood elasticated cuffs and a drawstring hem.

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Size Chart
Size Body Length

8 – 10 Inches / 15 – 20cm


10 – 12 Inches / 25 – 30 cm


12 – 14 Inches / 30 – 35 cm

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