The Divo Retractable Lead
The Divo Retractable Lead
The Divo Retractable Lead
The Divo Retractable Lead
The Divo Retractable Lead
The Divo Retractable Lead
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The Divo Retractable Lead

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The Divo Retractable Lead

This stylish Italian designed retractable lead is an innovative new product to enter the UK - and we are excited to be one of the first to stock it.

There are many innovative features to this new lead - so lets go through them.

A Great Gift

The lead comes in a neat round box that is perfect for gifting. You simply unfold the lead once it's out of the box. (see video)

Hands Free

The unique round design of the handle means you can simply slip it onto your arm - leaving your hands free to use your mobile phone, or even to thumb through the morning paper while your pooch enjoys their walk.

The Push - Push Locking System

With most other retractable leads, when your dog makes a bolt for it or starts to stray to far, you have to quickly fumble for that awkward button with your thumb.

But the Divo Lead has a comfortable and rapid response solution.

The soft ergonomic handle has a built in push button lever on the upper side. So - to stop the lead from running, as your dog tries to head off into the distance - or worse the road - your natural instinct of grabbing the handle locks the lead.

No fumbling for a button - just grab and lock.

And whats more - you don't have to release the mechanism to shorten the lead, simply walk towards your dog and the lead shortens, while at the same time keeping the lock in place to stop it from running in the opposite direction.

To release the locking mechanism you simply push the handle again and the dog is free to roam as before.

Push to lock - Push to release - no thumb twiddling.

Movable Head

The head of the lead is able to move freely from side to side, which allows the lead to follow the dog, so there are no sudden or jerky movements for you.

Puzzle Lock Closing System

If ever you are out and about and wish to visit your favourite cafe, pub or restaurant the Divo Leads provides a simple solution to safely securing your dog, with it's unique puzzle lock closing system.

You simply unlock the handle - place it around the leg of a table or chair and lock it back into place. It literally couldn't be easier.

And with the inner handle being made of a soft rubber, there's no rubbing or rattling sound if your dog decides to move about.

Great Colours

The lead comes in 3 vibrant colours of Blue, Orange or Green.

Free Delivery

The price you see is the price you pay - no hidden delivery charges at the checkout.

A must have product - and a great gift to boot.


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